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Frequently Asked Questions

The following are answers to some of the most frequently asked questions about cremation services. Please call or write us if you have concerns or need more information. Planning ahead gives peace of mind for the individual and the surviving family members.

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Is cremation becoming more popular?

Yes it is. Cremation is an ancient practice that is very common in other countries. In some parts of the United States, over 70% of all dispositions are cremations. We at Cremation Society feel the cremation rite is a dignified new tradition.

What is included in the cost and how much is it?

Cremation costs will vary in the Greater Cincinnati area. The Cremation Society of Greater Cincinnati always strives to provide the lowest cost possible. We file for all death certificates, veteran’s forms, as well as a veteran’s flag. For families who wish for more complete memorial services or viewings, we work with Fares J. Radel Funeral Homes and Crematory.

Is embalming mandatory?

For a direct cremation a body does not have to be embalmed. State or Federal law does not require embalming unless the deceased is being transported by a common carrier, such as an airline. However, if public visitation or family gathering with viewing is requested, most funeral homes require embalming, not only for the health
concerns but also for psychological reasons. Embalming gives the family a more presentable lasting image for closure, especially after prolonged illness or traumatic circumstances. Cremation Society of Greater Cincinnati works with Fares J. Radel Funeral Homes and Crematory to handle our families embalming and viewing needs.

Can I have a simple church memorial service with no funeral home involved?

Many of our families choose to have a memorial service at the church or location of their choice. We can help you arrange all aspects of the service or advise you how to arrange this yourself through your church or organization at no additional charge, including a memorial service in the hospital or Hospice Chapel of your choice.

What do we do at the time of death?

Contact the Cremation Society of Greater Cincinnati. After notification, the body is brought back to our facility, so your loved one never leaves our custody. This eliminates any mistakes or confusion. We do not use third party cremation or storage facilities. Cremation will take place as soon as the death certificate can be signed, and the cremation permit has been issued. We are Greater Cincinnati’s ONLY private crematory.

What if something happens away from home?

A death away from home can be a very frightening experience with a feeling of being lost and not knowing to whom to run. We are affiliated with international, national, and state associations through membership in CANA and NFDA. With over 4,000 member and associates all across the U.S., Canada and many foreign countries, we can see to it that all arrangements are taken care of. Just call Cremation Society of Greater Cincinnati and we will handle everything.

What if I am out of state when I die?

We will arrange to have you cremated and your ashes returned to your family anywhere in the world through our network of trusted firms.

Who should I call in the middle of the night?

Our personal staff is on call 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year to instantly respond to your every need. If anything should happen, just call our emergency response line at OH 513.421-5777 or KY 859-581-8811 and one of our staff will personally call you immediately and take care of everything for you. If your loved one is at a hospital, nursing home or under hospice care, let their staff know to call Cremation Society of Greater Cincinnati and everything will be handled for you.

Is a Funeral home or cemetery required?

A funeral home or cemetery is not required. We will take care of everything without the unnecessary expense and often complicated arrangements of funeral home and cemetery system. If you wish for additional services such as a visitation with viewing, we work with Fares J. Radel Funeral Homes and Crematory, who provide us with beautiful and secure facilities at a reasonable cost.

Can I have a traditional viewing/visitation?

Some families think that if you choose cremation you cannot have a traditional type funeral with a viewing or visitation. However, cremation is a dignified new tradition that can be arranged with visitation, calling hours, full mass of services at church. After the ceremony of choice, our families are free to gather with family and friends instead of going to the cemetery.

Will the Catholic church allow cremation?

The Catholic Church revised its view on cremation during the National Conference of Catholic Bishops and incorporated cremation into the 1983 code of Canon Law, which, states that cremation is an acceptable practice. Many traditional Catholic families are turning to the new tradition of cremation.

Do the cremated remains have to be placed in a urn?

No. The ashes can be returned in a simple container to be done with as the family wishes. However, we have many attractive urns to choose from for the dignified and secure preservation of your loved one.

Laws concerning where ashes can be scattered.

Different states vary on laws concerning the scattering of ashes. Ashes can be scattered at sea or in designated scattering areas. However, many families find creative ways of scatting their loved ones ashes in places that were meaningful to them. Keep in mind that ashes are purified and pose no environmental hazard.

Where does the cremation take place?

At Cremation Society of Greater Cincinnati all of our cremations take place at our own exclusive crematory. We are Greater Cincinnati’s ONLY private crematory. We do not cremate for any other funeral home, nor do we out-source any of our cremations. Our personal in-house service eliminates any possible mistake or confusion. Your loved one never leaves the custody of our facility and the ashes are given only to you or someone you specify.

Are all crematories the same?

Our crematory is the only one in the US which is set into a beautiful memorial wall of solid Verde granite imported from Italy, and located within a serene living room setting. This provides our families with an ambiance of dignity and respect they deserve. We also have an open door policy and encourage our families to tour our crematory facility and see for themselves the strict guidelines we follow. We do not cremate for other funeral homes or cemeteries. We are Greater Cincinnati’s ONLY private crematory.

Why is the Cremation Society located in Northern Kentucky?

The state of Ohio requires tax to be paid on funeral service merchandise. Therefore, the Cremation Society is located in Northern Kentucky because the state of Kentucky does not require tax to be paid on funeral service merchandise. This saves our families money. The families we have served throughout Greater Cincinnati have found our location to be beneficial.

Is there a limit to the area that the Cremation Society serves?

No. There are not additional charges within our I-275 service area from our office. For transportation outside this area, we charge a nominal fee per loaded mile.

Can the cost of cremation be pre-paid?

By pre-arranging a cremation, the cost to you is guaranteed at today’s prices.

What if I want a refund?

As with funeral trusts, all funds, placed in a trust with the Cremation Society of Greater Cincinnati are refundable.

Will Social Security pay death benefits toward cremation?

If the deceased was eligible, the next of kin may receive a maximum of $255.00. This is Social Security’s present allowance.

What assistance will be given to my family after death?

The Cremation Society will help with any arrangements, such as a memorial service, that you may want. We can also make application for Social Security and Veterans benefits along with obtaining certified death certificates.

Can I change my arrangements at a later date?

You can make any changes any time you want. All you have to do is give us a call.

When will you receive their ashes and death certificates?

We will obtain the death certificates as quickly as possible in order to complete the cremation. We will return the death certificates and ashes in a timely manner.

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